204 N. Canyon Road, Salt Lake City.   (Just outside Memory Grove)

This 1904 Italianate house is typical of hosues of its style built in Salt
Lake. The owner, William G. Sadleir, was a salesman in Salt Lake City.

Sadleir was born in Iowa on March 5, 1871. He lived in Ogden, Utah and
Montana for a while and then moved to Salt Lake in 1902. He married Maude Van Dyke in 1895.

Sadleir worked for Leyson-Pearson, a Salt Lake jewelry store. Just before his
death in 1942, he moved to California to take a new job there.

This house is Italianate in form but not in detailing. It is two stories and
has a large porch. The columns on the porch are not original. There is a stained glass transom over the picture window. The cornice and frieze are plain. The house has a hip roof. It is representative of houses of its style.