226 Spencer Court, Salt Lake City.   (Just outside Memory Grove)

This large bungalow was built in 1911 and is typical of those found in house
pattern books during that period of time. The owner, Thorvald Severin Jensen, was a Salt Lake jeweler.

Thorvald Severin Jensen was born in Salt Lake on December 22, 1876. He
graduated from the University of Deseret. Jensen was a bicycle rider at the
old Salt Palace and played with the Corianton group. A member of the LDS Church, he served a mission to Denmark.

Jensen worked as president and manager of Jensen Jewelry. Before he
established his own business, he worked for J.S. Jenkins and Sons.

This large bungalow is similar to those in a house pattern book. It is one
and one-half stories and has a two story wood front porch under the natural extension of the gabled roof. It has square columns and tripartite gable windows in front gable. The dormers are gabled. It also has a square side bay window.