208 N. Canyon Road, Salt Lake City.   (Just outside Memory Grove)

This 1903 house pattern book dwelling is typical of homes built during this period and contributes to the historic district.

The house not on Canyon Road was built by Mrs. Ella Rogers Squires, a daughter of Thomas and Aurelia Rogers. Her mother was the founder of the Primary. Mrs. Squires lived in the house until 1905 when she moved to New York.

After she moved, Camilla C. Cobb moved into the house in 1908 and built the house in the front on Canyon Read. Mrs. Cobb, a native of Germany, came to Utah with Karl G. Maeser, her brother-in-law. She married James T. Cobb in 1864. She is credited with starting the first kindergarten in Salt Lake. She was also president of the Ensign Stake Primary.

This one and one-half story house is from a house pattern book. It has
fish scale shingles on the gable ends and the dormer. The picture windows are flanked by narrow operables on both floors. The house is typical of the period.