238-240 Spencer Court, Salt Lake City.   (Just outside Memory Grove)

This vernacular duplex was built in 1916 and is an unusual style for this area of Salt Lake City.

Samuel G. Spencer, who owned the homes in front of this duplex, built this
home for his married sons. Daniel George and Ira Orson who lived here were both sons of Emma Gedge, Spencer’s first wife.;

Daniel George was a school teacher in Salt Lake for thirty years. He taught
at the Roosevelt Junior High School most of that time. He was born April 11, 1884. A member of the LDS Church, he served a mission with his wife, Hazel Valentine Spencer, to Australia from 1907-1909.

Ira O. Spencer worked with several small businesses in Salt Lake including
Schramn – Johnson and Don Elgreen. He was born in Pleasant Grove September 30, 1888.

The style of this house is vernacular. It has segmentally arched windows.
There are two square columns with railing and lattice work side by side on the porch. The house is horizontal row house plan. The roof is flat. The style
is somewhat rare for the area.