218 N. Canyon Road, Salt Lake City.   (Just outside Memory Grove)

This 1901 vernacular bungalow is similar to houses built in Salt Lake and adds to the character of the historic district. The owner, Ezra 0. Taylor, was a dentist in Salt Lake City.

Ezra O. Taylor was a son of John Taylor, the third president of the Mormon
Church. He was born in Salt Lake City on May 20, 1863. After attending schools in Salt Lake, he graduated from the University of Utah and went to the New York University School of Dentistry. Fie received a dental degree in 1892. Taylor was a dentist in Salt Lake for over fifty years. For awhile he practiced with J. A. Clawson and J. H. Taylor.

As a member of the Mormon Church, Taylor served a mission to the Southern States, worked in the Sunday School and was a temple ordinance worker.

He married Ida Whipple June 26, 1895. They had six sons and daughters.
He died in 1952.

This one story brick vernacular bungalow has an eyebrow window on the roof. Originally, there was a round columned porch and railways. The roof is hipped.