224 N. Canyon Road, Salt Lake City.   (Just outside Memory Grove)

This 1903 pioneer vernacular house has been altered a great deal, but it
still adds somewhat to the character of the district. The owner, Samuel George Spencer, was a businessman in Pleasant Grove and Salt Lake City. His popcorn was sold at all of the Salt Lake resorts.

Spencer grew up in Pleasant Grove. In 1903 he moved to Salt Lake City where he was the foreman of the Salt Lake Knitting Works and manager of the Ensign Knitting Company. He later opened a small grocery store on State Street and then moved the business next to this house. He started making popcorn in 1904 and he had a small factory behind his store. He built and rented small apartments later in his life.

Spencer, a member of the LDS Church, wrote pamphlets and was president of the Northern State Mission from 1895-1896.

Spencer was a polygamist and had four wives. After he married his fourth wife, his third wife, Elizabeth Cable Spencer, lived in this house.

A one story house with a combination gable and hip roof. Some of the
windows are intact but the rest of the house has been altered a great deal.
The additions and alternations are insensitive to the house.