Memorial Marker

Dedicated August 21, 1966 during a Jolley Family Cententional Reunion.

Jolley Family history began in North Carolina, Spreading into Tennessee, Nauvoo, Illinois, and in 1848-1852 to Utah. Settling first in Utah County. In 1862 came their call to Dixie. In 1866 H. B. M. & WIlliam J. Jolley moved to Mt. Carmel only to be driven out by Indians. Undaunted, they returned in 1871 and for 20 years they prospered. Then a conbination of extreme drouth and panic of 1890 destroyed their security. With the death of H. B. M. in 1896 & William J. Jolley in 1905 an Epoch ended. As early as 1885 some began to seek elsewhere for homes and by 1905 only the dead remained in Mt. Carmel. Many went to Idaho and Wyoming and today Jolleys are scattered throughout the west. Theirs is a heritage of resourcefulness and honesty and loyal to country and faithfulness to God.

Located in the Mount Carmel Cemetery.