“Trail to Pioneer Days” is an art extravaganza that features 60+ life-size fiberglass horses. The horses have been sponsored by Ogden’s committed individuals and businesses and designed by some of our area’s most talented artists.(*)

  1. A Cut Above by Dianne Kocs
  2. Adventure in Silhouettes by Sherry Ferrin
  3. All American by Keith A. Dagley
  4. American Paint Horse by Steve Johnson
  5. Ben Lomond Blue by Holly Morphet
  6. Brave Heart by Darlene Hamblin
  7. Carousel by Sherry Ferrin (SW Corner of 25th and Grant)
  8. Cash Back by Justin Patelli (SW Corner of 25th and Lincoln)
  9. Coca Cola by Wendy Dimick (23rd, a little west of Washington)
  10. Coors Banquet (Lincoln Ave, north of 24th, at ball field entrance)
  11. Cosmic Flow by Eric Zschiesche
  12. Dr. Pepper (22nd, west of Washington)
  13. Stone Stallion by Kirk Larsen
  14. Team Hill by Wendy Dimick
  15. The Babe by Kirk Larsen
  16. The Hooster by Jodi Van Orman
  17. The Patriot by Wendy Dimick
  18. Protect & Serve by Jonnie Parker Hartman
  19. Trigger Happy by Kris Wilson
  20. Wanted by Michael Collins
  21. War Horse by Jasey Colunga
  22. Weber State Excellence Through the Years by Ron Harvery and Geri Magdiel
  23. Whoopie by Cathrine Harris
  24. Windows by Johnathan Trimble
  25. Zahharr by Darlene Hamblin