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The Garland Sugar Beet Refinery (1903-1979) was part of the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company and was located east of town on Factory Street.

From loc.gov:
The history of the beet sugar industry in Utah began at the Lehi Plant of the Utah Sugar Company. In that plant on 15 October 1891, Edward Dyer reached into a whirling centrifugal and withdrew a handful of white crystals – the first white granulated sugar manufactured in the Mountain West, also the first beet sugar made with American machinery, and the first sugar made from irrigated beets. The Garland Plan is now the oldest working sugar beet refinery in the Mountain West and a remarkable example of early agricultural-industrial ventures in the State of Utah. Reorganized in 1901 as the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, the firm turned out more than 16 billion pounds of sugar in its first 75 years and now distributes its product in the twenty-four Western states.