Carbon Plant Memorial

This monument is dedicated to the Carbon Plant, located SE of this site, the fourth coal-fired facility built by Utah Power. Construction on the $26 million plant began the summer of 1953, in cooperation with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 57, the local community and many other organizations. Unit 1, as 66,000 kw unit, was completed in 1954 and Unit 2, a 100, kw unit, was completed in 1957. Operating continuously longer than any other steam plant in the Utah Power system, the “Castle Gate Plant” burns around 1800 tons of coal daily to produce steam which spins turbine blades to generate 4.248 MW hours of electricity, serving the needs of over 300,000 people. The plant employs approximately 100 full-time workers. Over the years, union and management at the plant and the community have worked hand in hand through cooperation, compromise, and support to make this facility a great success in this area.

This historic marker is located at the Castle Gate Historic Marker Highway Pull-Off with several others (listed on this page) and was dedicated in September 1995 for the Carbon Plant’s 40th year anniversary.