Main Street Park & Stage at 55 South Main Street in Helper, Utah.


This plaque is dedicated to Nieda Garcia and Lois Giordano

In 2008 Nieda Garcia and Lois Giordano saw a dream, and watched this dream come true.

It started with the few and continues on today with the many. This plaque is dedicated to two women who had a dream of their little town becoming filled with beauty and pride. Friends working side by side along with others to help Helper Main Street be what it is today. Flowers being planted, streets clean. So when people come to visit, they see a thriving community and a town fill of life, a town that thrives through its people working together Communicating and Respecting who and what this town was and can be. Their hard work and determination is admired and respected by all who know and love them.

Honorable mention goes out to Edna Romano and Cindy Curry.