Standardville “Bandstand”

This gazebo was constructed during WW1 in the coal-mining town of Standardville, Utah near the company store. This was an era when most small towns had their own bands and other forms of local entertainment. The bandstand, as it was affectionately called, was the center of most of the summertime outdoor activities such as band concerts, 4th and 24th of July celebrations, and May Day activities. During these occasions many a tub of ice water harbored soft drinks and ice cream for the youth.

When the town of Standardville was torn down the bandstand was acquired by Ernest and Stella O’Green and moved to their property in Spring Glen where it remained until the summer of 1999. The O’Green family donated it to Helper City. The city prepared a foundation and the Matt Warner Chapter, No. 1900 E. Clampus Vitus prepared and moved it to the present site. It was reconstructed by Helper Junior High School students under the direction of Tom Montoya in conjunction with Cody Butler as an Eagle Scout Project.


This bandstand is located at Main Street Park & Stage at 55 South Main Street in Helper, Utah.