Coal was discovered in 1908 by a man named Williamson. The property was developed by Fred Sweet. Coal shipments from the National Mine began in August of 1927. Fred Sweet resigned as president of the National Coal Company in January 1935. He was replaced by C. D. Craddock.

Operations at the National Mine were discontinued on July 23, 1938. The National Coal Company was sold under foreclosure on December 2, 1938 to the Reconstruction Finance Corp. The tipple, machinery and trackage were sold in March of 1940 to a salvage company. The steel was sold to Japan for $20.00 a ton.

In June of 1940, Carl Nyman of Price bought the coal rights for National. A new 540 foot long spur, was purchased from Utah Railway. It had a nine car capacity and was completed on November 9, 1940. The National Coal Company was purchased by the Hudson Coal Company in 1949.

The population of National peaked at 250 people at the end of World War II. By 1950 the town of National had become a ghost town.

Only 7 miners were killed in the history of National.

This historic marker is located on the Price River Parkway Gold Medal Mile in Boulder Park in Helper, Utah and was dedicated by the Matt Warner Chapter 1900 of E Clampus Vitus on September 19, 2020 6025, The Year of Our Order