The Old Spanish Trail (at the Richfield Visitor Center)

The Old Spanish Trail included four pack mule trading routes used mainly from 1829-1848, spanning approximately 2,700 miles across what was then northern Mexico. Trade items were predominately woven goods brought from Santa Fe, New Mexico and exchanged for horses and mules in Los Angeles, California. Travel along the trail diminished by the late 1840s as new routes, and later railroads, offered alternatives.

Salina Canyon, Sevier Valley, and Long Valley were prominent segments of the trail in this area. These historical routes are still major travel corridors with the exception of Long Valley.

The Old Spanish Trail silhouettes you see depict a darker history of the trail. The enslavement of exchange of Native Americans, primarily women and children, for goods and forms of servitude, had a devastating effect on tribes in the area.

Memorial Frisbee Golf Course
Richfield’s own Walt Morrison (inventor of the frisbee)