Jacob Peter Jensen was born on March 20, 1850, in Norresunby, Denmark to Hans Peter and Josephine Clawson Jensen. Jacob was the oldest of 10 children. His parents sought truth and accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ and were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His mother, Josephine, helped to translate the scriptures into the German language before they left their native land to come to Zion with other Saints in 1852.

Upon their arrival in Salt Lake City, then Apostle Lorenzo Snow was called by Brigham Young to take 50 families to settle Brigham City, Utah. Hans Peter and Josephine were among these families. Jacob’s father, Hans, had a large iron foundry in Denmark, so after settling, he set up a blacksmith shop. Jacob helped and learned this skill as it was greatly needed in establishing this new community.

When Jacob was 18 and working for a family friend Charles Wight, he met and married Mary Althea Wight (born: August 11, 1851). They were sealed for time and all eternity on October 10, 1870, in the Endowment House by Joseph F. Smith.

Mary Althea’s family owned a large dairy farm and was quite well-to-do. The dairy farm was most beneficial to the growing community. Jacob and Althea began housekeeping very humbly but were both hard workers. They reared 10 children with Jacob Charles being the third child and first son.

Jacob and Mary Althea unitedly loved the gospel and served in many callings. They followed the prophet and their personal revelations. In 1877 Jacob was ordained to the High Council in the newly formed stake. Jacob’s sister Sarah Ephramina (Minnie) married Lorenzo Snow on June 12, 1871, becoming his ninth wife. They reared five children.

Jacob was called on a two-year foreign mission to Denmark on October 15, 1910, at the age of 60. He and Althea accepted this call jointly. After making arrangements for the care of his wife and family he embarked on the several week trip to Denmark. This mission also included Sweden, Norway, Germany, and France. He introduced many people to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Upon his return home and in his later years with children grown, they sold the farm and purchased a place in town where they resided until being called home. They are both buried in Brigham City and left a legacy of dedication and testimony of the restored Church of Jesus Christ to countless posterity.


  • Excerpts from “Family Stories of the Jensens and Smiths” by Annette Barlow Rose