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I was named after this man, he is my great grandfather.

Located in the cemetery in Brigham City, Utah.


Jacob Charles Jensen
“Mission Blessing Miracle”

Jacob (Bud) was born October 17, 1875, in Brigham City, Utah. His father (Jacob Peter Jensen) and grandfather (Hans Peter Jensen) came across the plains after joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Denmark. His mother’s family came from the Isle of Wight, off the coast of England.

When Bud was 24 years old, he was called to the Texas- Missouri, Mission, serving with Walter Hamblin who was the son of Jacob Hamblin. After being out only a short time he contracted malaria, was seriously ill, and became bedridden for three months. When word came to his father, Jacob Peter contacted his uncle Lorenzo Snow. President Snow instructed Jacob to purchase a white silk handkerchief and bring it to him. Then President Snow blessed the handkerchief with instructions for Bud to apply it to his body along with prayer. Bud said, “After receiving the handkerchief and reading the letter, promising that the fever would leave me if I would remain faithful in my missionary work. I went out into the wood by myself, hardly able to walk. I had prayer there and applied this handkerchief to my head and the parts that were aching and hurt most, and I received almost immediate relief. I felt like a changed man. I was ever so much better.”

“From that time on I was able to travel and attend to my work in the mission field until I was released. I was released from the office work because I was so much better. I was Conference President at that time and traveled in the various counties visiting among the Saints.” Bud completed his mission in July 1901 after baptizing 45 converts.

Note: When Lorenzo Snow was 22 years old, he received his patriarchal blessing given by Joseph Smith, Sr., who was the father of the prophet Joseph Smith. This blessing was given in the Kirtland Temple. An excerpt from it says, “Thou shalt become a mighty man. Thy faith shall increase and grow stronger until it shall become like Peters-thou shalt restore the sick, the diseased shall send thee their aprons and handkerchiefs and by thy touch their owners shall be made whole. The dead shall rise and come forth at thy bidding.”

While visiting one of his missionary companions Bud broke out with smallpox and was quarantined there in the Shipp home. While there, after recovery, he met Mary Effie Smith. This courtship grew to marriage on Mary 28, 1906 in the Sal Lake Temple. They settled in Brigham City.

Family history and posterity continues to this day. Bud and Mary reared seven children and have numerous grandchildren. This reverenced handkerchief is in possession of the family.


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