Karot Café

On this site, from 1947 to 1970, Cannon and Dura Jensen owned and operated “The Karot Café”. The Café, named for the area supporting an abundant carrot crop and the local High School’s yearbook “The Karot,” served the community as a neighborhood store selling household necessities, gasoline and auto service. The Café served fresh homemade meals, breads and pies to the local townspeople, Highway Patrol Officers, truckers and migrant workers.

Dura Jensen preferred the use of a wood stove in the Café when preparing her famous pies. The Jensens supported their seven children from the Cafe’s revenues. In addition to being well known for delicious pies and meals, the Jensens were also known for their kindness in providing many meals to indigent travelers.

The Café was razed in 1970 for the expansion of Highway 89.

This plaque is in the post office in Axtell, Utah