Located in the Lower 25th Street Historic District in Ogden, Utah.
170-174 25th Street

Built in 1908, 170-174 25th Street is a commercial vernacular structure constructed of brick. The vernacular storefront was divided into three bays for various uses. The three storefronts originally housed the Major Drug Company (1908-1919), Intermountain Tailoring Company (1908-1910) and Edward Bello’s Saloon (1908-1916). Like many other storefronts along 25th Street, 170-174 25th housed businesses and services needed by Ogden’s rapidly growing population and the visitors brought to Ogden by the railroad.

The front façade has a brick corbeled cornice that is original to the building. While the remainder of the façade had been so altered over time away from the original design to be unrecognizable, the most recent remodeling restored the storefronts so they closely match what existed at the time of construction.

The building’s three storefronts housed many businesses over time including B&B Clothing Store (1910), Star Restaurant (1916), Travelers’ Café (1919), Pepares Bros. Grocery (1923), Eagle Café (1923), Newport Soft Drinks, (1929) and many others.

At the time of construction Bela Kadish, a well known “business promoter” in Ogden, owned the property.