Who was Kokopelli?

The legends are many, and no one really knows. I do not discount any of the interpretations made by the various Indian cultures or modern day authorities. I am just doing my thing as an artist and a free agent.

Ancient rock art suggests strongly that Kokopelli was a flute player who wandered from place to place leaving his legend behind him as a teacher and entertainer.

I have chosen to portray Kokopelli idealistically as a handsome young man with a slightly hump back. A wanderer, a teacher of flutes, a dancer and a womanizing rascal. A concept that many would like to relate to.

I would like to acknowledge Doctor Eldon Dorman who inspired me to sculpt Kokopelli, and Elias Perez who helped me follow Kokopelli by the types of flutes he played. Both of who are both historians in their own right.

Sculptor: Gary Prazen

96 North 100 East in Price, Utah