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Amelia Earhart Crash Site in Utah –

It’s not every day a worldwide celebrity drops in for an unannounced visit. That’s exactly what happened 81 years ago in a small desert town in Utah. The celebrity was Amelia Earhart. The aviator was hosted during her unexpected layover by the family of reporter Annie Feidt of the Alaska Public Radio network.

ANNIE FEIDT: It’s my favorite bit of family lore. As the story goes, Amelia Earhart crashed near Eureka, the mining town where my mom grew up and stayed in my great, great grandfather’s house. As it turns out, the truth isn’t so far off. But it was more of a force landing than a crash. She apparently ran into engine trouble over Utah and had to come down quickly in the Tintic Mining District. John Schmitt is a local history buff on the area.

Mr. JOHN SCHMITT: I was doing the research in the 1980s, so the old timers were still alive at that time and one of them, Jim Maxwell(ph), told me that he was first on the scene. And she jumped out of the plane and said, where am I? Where am I? Because all she had was crude maps since she was following the railroad line from Las Vegas up to…(continue at the source)

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