See also United Order Industries and Old Rock Schoolhouse.

Orderville, named after the on newly established (as of March 20, 1874) United Order is located on U-89 between Glendale and Mt. Carmel. A year later the first Mormon families willing to live by this “Modern Order of Enoch”, arrived in the Long Valley. Among the first buildings to be erected were a community dining hall with bakery, and a garden house for seeds and tools. Other structures included blacksmith, tannery, shoe and carpenter shops. Building were constructed to house a gristmill, sawmill, molasses mill and bucket factory. The industrious settlers planted farms, orchards and gardens and raised cattle and sheep resulting in dairy and woolen products. Broom and hat making were other endeavors. In 1886, twelve years after the Cooperative (United Order) had been establish, it ended. That same year a public building was begun using native rock and lumber. It was used for school and church function. In 1955 the building was torn down to make way for a new school. The Old Rock Schoolhouse was later restored using many of the original materials. It now occupies the site of the former United Order Blacksmith Shop. Today Orderville supports two schools, Valley Elementary and Valley High.

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