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Scofield is a town in Carbon County. The population was 28 at the 2000 census. Scofield’s name is frequently applied to the 1900 mine disaster in the Pleasant Valley Coal Company’s Winter Quarters mine. The community was named for General Charles W. Scofield, a timber contractor and local mine official.

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The town of Scofield is situated on high ground two miles south of the reservoir of the same name, the oldest and largest of the major impoundments on the Wasatch Plateau. Once the most populous community in Carbon County, Scofield has shrunk to only a few permanent residents. What has slowed the continual decline has become outsiders constructing summer vacations homes. The old brick school stands empty at the upper end of town and there are abandoned buildings scattered through what was once the business district. Only the cemetery on a hill to the east suggests that this was once a community of some size. Visitors to the cemetery quickly become aware of the diverse ethnicity that populated the town.