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Frisco Posts:

Silver ore was discovered here in 1875. The town of Frisco soon followed and was named Frisco after the San Francisco mountains where the mine is located. A smelter was built here and charcoal ovens were built to make fuel for it. The town had 23 saloons. Gun fights and killings were common. Water was scarce here and had to be hauled in. In 1880 the railroad built to the town. The population of Frisco was around 6000 people. There was a hospital, hotels, churches, school, news paper and many stores. In 1885 the mine caved in and the town soon all but died. (No one was killed in the cave in). Up to the time of the cave in the mine had produced 54 million dollars worth of ore. A few people stayed and dug new shafts after the cave in but most was gone and only a couple stores stayed open. The mine made another 20 million dollars by 1913. By 1920 everyone had moved away and the town was dead.(*)