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Town of Joseph and Pioneer Log Cabin

Jerico settlement was begun in 1864. That spring, Charles Green, John Pine, Daniel brown, and a Mr. Hill arrived from Sanpete. The valley had fertile soil and water from the Sevier River, but the site was abandoned in 1865 because of Indian trouble. Ephraim Van Wagner, Widow Jacobina Rhoads, William Powell, Amos Davis, and a Mr. Anderson came in the winter of 1871. Again, because of Indians, the families left in June of 1872 to go to larger settlements.

Several families returned on September 10, 1872, accompanied by Stake President Joseph A. Young, son of Brigham Young. He laid out the townsite for the present town of Joseph from the survey of Iver Isaacson and named it “Joseph City” in honor of himself.

The first leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Joseph were James Hale, George Wilson, and Iver Isaacson. Mrs. Alonzo Farnsworth (Mary) was the first schoolteacher. Her pupils ranged in age from four to twelve years.

A two-room, brick schoolhouse was started in 1894 and served until 1904 when a two-story, four-room addition was built. This was used until 1955. The bricks from that school were used to construct this monument.

The pioneer log cabin was located on the original 160 acres homesteaded by David A. Giles on March 13, 1881. The site was across the Sevier River, east of the present town of Joseph. The cabin was donated to Camp Clear Camp Daughters of Utah Pioneers by Mrs. Reta Owens Meachim in the fall of 1982 and was relocated in 1994.