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South Jordan Veteran’s Memorial

Our lives are filled with symbolism. This monument, dedicated to those who served their country, is symbolic of sacrifice.  May those who come here find peace, courage, and hope.

The circular form represents life and existence, the eternal qualities that surround and are a part of all mankind.  “Honor, Pride and Pain” are defined by artist L’Dean Trueblood in her sculpture of two soldiers.  In the service and sacrifice of war, it is that noble part of the soldier’s character that we honor.

The two soldiers stand as silent sentinels to those buried here.  Whether under a blue sky with a warm, gentle summer breeze or the cold, damp, blustery darkness of a stormy winter night, the soldiers  stand, unyielding to the elements until the day when these graves will be empty and Another will stand guard over all humanity.  As if on an alter and as a statement of sacrifice, the dead are listed around the soldiers’ feet.  Each soldier who gave his or her life in battle has a star in front of their name.

Below the names lies a reflecting pool, not of water, but polished black granite.  The maps represent places where battles were fought and courage conquered fear.  A circular field of earth tones surrounds the monument.  Reds represent Mother Earth and the fact that we, the living, walk in freedom on the blood and sacrifice of many.

Polished black represents the area of the dead, where dignity should reside.  The four white benches stand for the area of living – a place where mortality may return to find solace, comfort, or pay homage and respect for those who have sacrificed for us.

– Written by Joey Clegg –

Monument dedicated by Elder Boyd K. Packer, May 4, 2002

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This monument is located in the Cemetery in South Jordan.