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Alfred W. Wesemann

November 2, 1904 – December 4, 1969

Kind – Generous – Patient
A benevolent German immigrant, who opened his arms, and his grocery store, to anyone who had a need.

Truly an emissary of God, blessed with an understanding heart, who believed in the literal sense of “Give me your tired, your poor.”

Local persons struggled with floods, depression, welfare problems. His wise counsel brought order out of chaos. He was nurtured with a divine gift of love.

Shot through the heart by a robber, his violent death on December 4th, 1969, diminished us all forever.

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From the Deseret News:

The corner of 900 West and California Avenue has long reminded Glendale residents of the evil in the world.

It was there in December 1969 that Alfred W. Wesemann, one of the most beloved members of this westside Salt Lake community, was shot and killed as two young men robbed his grocery store. Wesemann’s friends, family and community leaders on Saturday dedicated a park in his honor at the same location, a short distance from where he fell. From now on, they hope, the corner will remind people of how Wesemann lived, not how he died.

Alfred W. Wesemann Memorial Park, a small green strip on the northeast corner of the two streets, is just south of the building where Wesemann ran his store for many years. Wesemann’s photograph and a written tribute to his life are mounted on a rock in the center of the park.