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Old Mormon Cemetery


“The Old Mormon Chapel”

First Latter-Day Saint Building erected in Northeast Mississippi.

Dedicated December 3rd, 1936 by Apostle Reed Smoot, accompanied by Elder LeGrand Richards – Southern States Mission President.   First Booneville Branch Convert, John Ashcraft – Baptized April 18, 1896.


Branch Leaders:

  • Bruce Stephenson, B.P.
  • W. Ophas Floyd, B.P.
  • Rocky Lee Floyd, A.B.P.
  • Hyrum Winterton, A.B.P.
  • Luther F. McKissack, B.P.
  • Oscar Weatherbee, B.P.
  • J.C. Morris, B.P.
  • Luther F. McKissack, B.P.

Services moved to new building on George E. Allen Drive, Boonville, MS. in the fall of 1968.