John C. Freemont Memorial

Seeking a suitable railroad route through the central Rockies, John C. Freemont and Company reached Parowan February 6, 1854.

These are Freemont’s own words, “We were all so feeble we could barely drag ourselves down the trail, but the Mormons took us in, one or two in each home, fed us, and nursed us back to health.”

On this spot Freemont himself was nursed back to health by Mrs. John C. L. Smith who later became Mrs. Wm. C. McGregor.

This location was donated to the Sons of The Utah Pioneers by the Laurence J. and Agusta D. Adams Family.

Little Salt Lake Chapter SUP

This monument is located in Parowan, Utah and is S.U.P. Marker #X

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