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Memorial to Grandfather

William Walter Wilson

Born 1825, Armagh, Ireland

Died 1880, Midway, Utah

Arrived in Utah, 1854

Mormon pioneer, polygamist, poet, farmer, miner, and militia member.

His families were raised near this site, now designated as Wasatch State Park.

He had an esthetic nature, and spent many hours writing poetry in this picturesque setting overlooking the beautiful Heber Valley and surrounded by the mountains he loved.

He was buried under these oaks, where he enjoyed much of his leisure time. Legend has it that he requested burial here in a sitting position in order “to see the sun rise over the majestic mountains, lighting the beautiful valley below.”


A reference to this on the billiongraves page for Moroni Blood:

A granddaughter of Moroni and Louisa Blood, Thelma Blood Carlile, daughter of Roswell Jr and Hazel McNaughton Blood was only eight years old when Moroni Blood died but said he was definitely the carpenter who made most of the decorative cornices on the old pioneer homes in Midway. She also remembered that he made coffins — one at the request of a man who wanted to be buried sitting up! The coffin had to be specially shaped. He also wanted to be buried on his own property at the bottom of Snake Creek Canyon.