The Nephi Post Office is a well-preserved and finely crafted example of a small town single-purpose post office. The building is reminiscent of the Renaissance Revival design style and distinguished by its decorative entry and coupled window bay arches. The use of this facade treatment, accentuated by the elaborate stone detailing, is not only rare, but is also creates one of the finest small town post offices in the region. The building is also transitional in that it bridges the Beaux-Arts tradition of the pre-1920 federal post offices and the modern movement of the mid-to late-1930s. The site upon which the post office is constructed is also significant in the history of the city since it once included the city’s first public building. The first and only federally-constructed post office in the city, the building symbolizes the link between the community and Washington as well as the long years of effort by local citizens and their elected officials to gain their federal gift.

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