There have been several forts built in Manti, Utah. This page is to organize my documentation of them.

Little Stone Fort – Erected 1852

This was the first fort built in Manti. It was in the northwest quarter of block 64, the foundation was 3 feet wide and made of stone and the walls were 12 feet high and 2 feet wide. The fort provided protection from hostile Ute Indians.

Log Fort – Erected 1853

This was the second fort built in Manti, it encompassed Little Fort and covered about 1 block. The walls of cabins formed part of the fort walls and the fort had four guard towers.

Big Fort or Fort Manti – Erected 1854

This was the third fort built in Manti, it was 9 blocks in the center of town build to replace the Little Stone Fort and the Log Fort. It was built of rock, adobe and mud-filled wood frames with walls that were 12 feet high, 3 feet wide at the base and 2 feet wide at the top. It was built for protection of settlers and their livestock from Indian menace in the Walker Indian War (1853-54)

Tabernacle Fort – Erected 1866

This was the fourth fort built in Manti. Built for protection in the Black Hawk War.