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At the junction of highways 6 and 89 in Spanish Fork Canyon where 89 cuts off to go to Sanpete is a heart made of painted rocks and three crosses memorializing 5 who have lost their lives on the road at that location.

Katie and Taylor Marcus from Ogden tragically lost their lives April 3rd, 2014.

16-year-old Katherine “Katie” Pauline Marcus and her 12-year-old brother, Taylor Zane Marcus were the inspiration for the heart memorial.

The next year, 38-year-old Heather Jacobson and 7-year-old Broc Jacobson of Cleveland, Utah were also killed at the location.

A third cross was added for Merlene Green of Fairview who had been killed at the intersection back on October 2, 2003.

Hopefully we can all be a little extra careful and remember these people who were gone too soon.