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The Heber A. Smith – Soren Rasmussen Home

Built in 1887, this Victorian Eclectic two-story brick home is made of adobe covered with kiln-dried brick. The foundation is granite. It boasts a traditional bay window in the front and a more rare square bay window on the south. The bay windows are topped by balconies, which are still enjoyed today.

Heber A. Smith built the home with money from raising sheep, banking and selling goods to Bingham Canyon miners. He sold it in 1895 to Soren Rasmussen, an immigrant from Denmark, who was a successful merchant. He lived here until 1924.

From the beautiful woodwork inside, to the ornate brickwork outside, the home exemplifies the original owner’s desire to be surrounded by the best materials and finest craftsmanship of his time. The home is being restored by Craig and Dana Fisher.

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