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This Victorian Eclectic red fired brick home, known as “The Castle” was built in 1898 for $3200. Furnishings and landscaping added an additional $1200. A pipe from Corner Canyon resulted in this being one of the first homes in Draper with running water. Lights where first provided by coal oil, then acetylene and by 1912 electricity. Coal/wood stoves furnished the heat. The original home on this property, probably built in the 1870’s is was a granite cobble rock cottage that still stood behind the main house until recently.

Mr. Enniss served as a bishop of Draper for 12 years and he entertained many L.D.S. Church Authorities in his home. He had the bishop’s storehouse in his backyard and it still stands today.

Mr. Enniss helped bring electricity to Draper, served in the State Legislature and was President Of Draper Irrigation Company.

The Akagi family has owned and maintained the home and farm since 1947 until recently, the subdivision and park behind the home are named after them.

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