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The Joseph S. Neilsen Home

Built circa 1905. Joseph Neilsen, a school teacher and farmer, his wife May, an accomplished musician and composer, and their 5 children lived in this home. The ownership of the home was transferred within the family for years. After the family sold the home it had numerous owners and renters. At one time it was divided into apartments. It is a Queen Ann 2 1/2 story red brick home with a granite foundation. The home was built on 5 acres with a large orchard, a garden, and an expansive front lawn. Restored by Vincent and Sherry Simmons in 1978.

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Joseph & May B. Neilson House

12825 S Fort St – Built in 1901
One of a number of substantial late Victorian residences along this country road, the Joseph and May Nielsen house is, compared to the typical housing stock of turn-of-the-century rural Utah, an elaborate and stately, near mansion-like, residence built in circa 1901. The house has a central block with a tall hipped roof with two Queen Anne inspired projecting bays, to the left (or north), a wide half-octagon bay with a broad decorative gable, and to the right (or south), a smaller but taller three-quarter, semi-detached octagon tower. The house has a central staircase core that originally had a passageway, between the foyer and rear kitchen, beneath the staircase (now closed and housing a central heating furnace, installed ca. 1950s).