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Born in Madison Co. Kentucky, Kit Carson came to Utah in 1832 while trapping for the Rocky Mt. Fur Co. The next few years he became famous as a mountain man, Indian fighter, guide and army officer.

Carson served army explorers as guide for several expeditions. In September 1843 Carson, Lt. John C. Fremont and three other men launched an Indian rubber boat (to the west of here) and carried out the first scientific exploration of the Great Salt Lake. Kit Carson carved a cross (still visible) in the rocks on the highest point on the island which the party named “Disappointment,” but now bears the name of Fremont Island.

In 1845, a Fremont party guided by Carson explored central Utah and Great Salt Lake. Their greatest feat was crossing the Great Salt Lake desert en route to California, the trail followed in 1846 by the Donner Party. Carson became an Indian Agent and Army Officer. He died at Fort Lyon, Colorado, May 23, 1868.

This historic marker is located in Ogden, Utah on the east side of Washington Blvd just south of 40th Street. (N 41.18991 W 111.97098)