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Martin Henderson Harris

Sept. 29, 1820 – Feb. 14, 1889

  • Outstanding pioneer.
  • Harrisville‘s first permanent settler
  • First school teacher
  • First presiding elder.
  • Nephew of Martin Harris, Book of Mormon witness.
  • Missionary to Salmon River and Eastern States.
  • County Road Commissioner.
  • Surveyed roads through North Ogden Canyon, Ogden Valley, all those north of Ogden River and others in county.
  • Used home-made water level to lay out “western irrigation canal.”
  • Among the first to introduce the silkworm industry in the county.
  • Famous silk dress made by his wife is on exhibition at the pioneer relic hall in Ogden.
  • Owned a store at Farr West.
  • He was a blacksmith.
  • He operated with others a sawmill and molasses mill.
  • Farmer and orchardist.
  • Played in the Nauvoo Legion band, Utah bands and dance orchestras.
  • Hauled logs for Harrisville School and Ogden Tabernacle.

This memorial was erected on the original homesite by his grandchildren on Sept. 27, 1955 – the 105th anniversary of his arrival in Weber County. (at the Martin Henderson Harris Memorial Park.)