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Woodland Cash Store

There was a time when most of Woodland‘s residents worked and played where they lived, using local services and relying on the general store for most of their supplies.

This small building supplied nearly everything the community needed for nearly sixty years. Hyrum Winterton and his oldest son, Harold, sold everything from fresh meat, eggs and dairy products to appliances, clothing, nuts and bolts, coal and hay-baling wire, and even pumped gas. They used their trucks to deliver locally produced goods to the Salt Lake and Provo valleys, returning with feed and supplies for local residents.

Hyrum Winterton moved his family to the Woodland Valley because his Charleston farm was destined to be flooded by Deer Creek Reservoir. He purchased a fire-gutted building in the early 1930s, cleared the lot and began construction of this building. Though he hired a mason from Midway to lay the eight-inch-thick brick walls, he and his family built most of the structure.

When Harold died in a truck accident while delivering cattle, Hyrum’s daughter and son-in-law, Luella and Lamont Walker became the sole owners of the shop. After Lamont Walker passed away in 1971, Luella continued to run the store, selling sewing and craft supplies, until she sold the building in 1987.