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Snelgrove Ice Cream became a very common sight around Utah after its founding in 1929.

The 40 foot tall vintage pink sign with a double ice cream cone spinning here at 850 E 2100 S in Salt Lake has been a fun thing to see since it was put up in 1962.

The plaque on the sign says:
Site of the Former Snelgrove Ice Cream Company\Snelgrove Ice Cream Company (1929-1990) ran their popular ice cream parlor and factory on this site for 5 years. The distinctive double-scoop cone sign was erected in 1962 and was famously depicted on a 2002 Salt Lake Olympics pin.

Here’s another of their former locations with a double cone, this one is at 605 E 400 S in Salt Lake. Squirrel Brothers left the cone in place and then Jimmy John’s painted it black.

This cool old photo is one I found online here.