This 1903 Victorian pattern book house is a good example of a style that was mass produced in Salt Lake.

Lafayette Whitney was a Salt Lake broker and LDS Church official. Whitney, a son of Horace and Mary Carter Whitney, was born in Salt Lake City on July 4, 1878. After he returned home from an LDS mission to Holland, he worked for Utah-Idaho Sugar. In 1913 he formed a brokerage firm with Don & Ray. Whitney was secretary-treasurer for the firm. He was also secretary of the Utah State Broker Association and nationally known food manufacturing broker.

Whitney was first counselor to Thomas A. Clawson, the bishop of the Eighteenth ward, for thirty-two years.

The house is a one story Victorian pattern book house. It has a slanted bay front with segmentally arched windows, fish-shingled gable, round columned porch, and brick chimneys. The roof is hipped and gabled. It is a good example of a mass-produced type of design.

Located at 152 4th Avenue in the City Creek Canyon Historic District of Salt Lake City, Utah.