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210 North 200 East in Heber City, Utah

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March is Women’s History Month so we’re happy to introduce some of the women who have played an integral part in the history of Heber.
Meet Lavina Elizabeth Averett Murdock.
Born in 1867 in Heber City, UT. Lavina was the second child of William and Elizabeth Averett. William and Elizabeth were among the earliest settlers in the valley.
Lavina learned responsibility and hard work as a child. In 1894 she married Nelson Murdock and the two quickly became the parents of 5 children. In 1903 tragedy struck the young family when Nelson took his own life by drinking poison. Lavina was left to figure out how to care for her family.
Just a few months after her husbands death Lavina found employment as the city recorder and was paid $40 monthly.
Even though she had no formal education past 8th grade in 1905 Lavina began her career in local government by being elected treasurer of Wasatch County. She was the first woman to be elected as a county treasurer in the state of Utah. Lavina successfully continued in what was then a man’s world by holding the treasurer’s office from 1905-1917. In 1913 she was chosen to be the first woman to serve on the school board as trustee. In 1920 she was chosen to be the school board treasurer.
In 1905 Lavina and her family moved into a home on the corner of 2nd E and 2nd N. She worked hard to pay for her home and often would rent rooms to help pay for the home. At one time she provided rooms in her home to be used as hospital rooms by Dr. Hatch since there was no hospital in town. Lavina raised and supported her 5 children on her own. In her later adult years she visited and lived with her adult children around the country. She lived to be 90 years old. She is buried in the Heber City Cemetery.