This is a two-story home with a central hall type plan. It is one room deep and two rooms wide with a hall, and has a one story shed extension to the west rear. Chimneys are at the gable ends. Facade piercing follows a “five-over-five” symmetrical pattern. Windows are double hung sash types, six lights over six. Shutters and siding are later modifications.

Some part of this house may have been built by 1879 when the city directory shows Paul E.B. Hammer, a painter, in residence there. Hammer bought the property for $600 and resold it the same year for $650, both modest sums. Caroline C.P. Conley, widow of Solomon Conley, bought the house in 1879. She is listed as physician and surgeon in midwifery, practicing and in residence there, in 1884. Thereafter she lived elsewhere.
The house had apparently been brought to its present configuration by 1890, when Mrs. Conley was able to borrow several thousand dollars against it to finance the construction of four houses to the west on 4th North.

Located at 469 North Main Street in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah