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Main Street (Salt Lake City, Utah)

A Place of Parades and Celebrations

Parades united the city around a celebration of the common good – with a bit of fun thrown in. The earliest parades featured brass bands and marchers arranged around a theme. Over time, they became ever more elaborate. For the Pioneer Centennial in 1947, Main Street welcomed home from a reenactment a car caravan complete with wagon covers and plywood oxen attached to fenders.

Since the city’s early days, parades noted the annual passage of Independence and Pioneer Days in July. Similar events sent soldiers off to war and welcome them home again, advertised circuses and carnivals, touted Utah’s progress, and heralded St. Patrick’s Day. Main Street remained the city’s principal parade route until 1997 when construction of the TRAX line necessitated a new venue.

The following is a list of the places I’ve documented on Salt Lake City’s Main Street – sorted by address, north to south. (other addresses listed here)