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Daft Block

The ornate Daft Block was completed in 1889 for Sarah Daft.  Widowed in 1881, Daft built the inheritance left by her husband into a sizable fortune through wise investments in mining and real estate.  At her death, her wealth endowed the Sarah Daft Retirement Home.  The designer of the Daft Black, E.L.T. Harrison, was an important early Utah architect.  The Daft Block features an unusual projecting two-story bay window and a profusion of carved stone and wood details.  On the north side of the building you can still see the sign for the Daynes Jewelry Company which bought the Daft Block in 1908.  The company’s founder, John Daynes, was an expert jeweler and Brigham Young’s watchmaker.

The Daft Block is at 128 S Main Street in Salt Lake, see other Main Street buildings here.