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Herald Building

Designed by architect John C. Craig, the Herald Building was constructed in 1905 to house the Salt Lake Herald, a daily newspaper which began publication in June 1870. The Salt Lake Herald ceased publication in 1920. During its existence, the paper served as a defender of the Mormon Church and later spokesman for first the Democratic and then the Republican political parties in the state. The Herald Building is now the home of Lamb’s Restaurant established in 1919.

The Herald Building’s U-shaped plan is unusual.  Many 19th and early 20th century buildings have a U-shaped plan to allow light and air to reach interior offices.  Most often, however, the “U” opens to the rear or the side of the building rather than to the front.   The Salt Lake Herald, a staunchly pro-Mormon newspaper, constructed this building in 1905.  After the Herald moved out in 1913, the Little Hotel occupied the building for many years.  Lamb’s Restaurant, a Salt Lake City icon, has been in business on the ground floor of the Herald Building continuously since 1919.  Look for the ornate tin cornice which crowns the building.

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