Willard Telle and Caroline Y. Cannon purchased this portion of the John R. Park estate from Lorenzo Price Jr., in 1917. The next year they had a home erected on the property. Willard, a son of George Q. Cannon, followed in his father’s footsteps into the business world of Salt Lake. After attending the university of Utah and M.I.T. in Mass, he returned to Utah where he became president and general manager of the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company. Willard died in 1938. The home was sold to Mildred and Walter J. Holman who maintained ownership through 1940.

This is a one and one half Tudor Revival house with a basement. The plan of the house is asymmetrical. The multiple gabled roof has pseudo half timbering. The casement windows have leaded glass lights. – Diana Johnson

Located at 180 North State Street in the Capitol Hill Historic District in Salt Lake City, Utah