Desert Lake, about 8 miles east of here, was first settled in 1885 by settlers building an irrigation ditch from Huntington Creek to the townsite and a reservoir to store the water for farming. In 1896 the dam broke, nearly drowning the small town. The dam was rebuilt in 1896-97 and a post office was established on Feb. 16, 1898. Between 1900 & 1910 the town gradually moved to a new site about 5 miles to the N.E. due to the encroachment of alkali ruining the farmland. A school & meeting house was built at the new site in 1910 and in 1912 the post office was officially changed to Victor. Settlers continued to fight the arid climate but finally gave up. Desert Lake & Victor became just a memory.

Dedicated July 13, 1996 Matt Warner Chapter 1900 E Clampus Vitus


This historic marker (along with 3 others, Mohrland, Hiawatha and Robber’s Roost) is located at Huntington State Park north of Huntington, Utah.