Coal was first mined on Cedar Creek, about 9.4 miles N.W. of this location in 1906. Four men named Mays, Orem, Heiner and Rice bought the mines in 1908 and Castle Valley Fuel Co. was formed. In 1909 Castle Valley Fuel Co. became U.S. Fuel Co. and the town was named Mohrland using the first letter of each man’s last name and adding land to the end. The town consisted of 7 homes, 1 store, a doctors office, a beanery, and a hospital. The first school was built in 1915. By 1922, 275 men were employed at the mine and the town’s population exceeded 1000. In the boom and bust nature of the coal economy, decline began in the mid twenties with the closure of the store. By 1938 Mohrland was virtually a ghost town. Dedicated July 11, 1992

1992 by Matt Warner Chapter 1900 E Clampus Vitus.


This historic marker (along with 3 others, Desert Lake – Victor, Hiawatha and Robber’s Roost) is located at Huntington State Park north of Huntington, Utah.