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Orin Porter Rockwell was born on June 28, 1813 in Belcher, Hampshire county, Massachusetts to Orin Rockwell and Sarah Witt Rockwell. Known as the “Destroying Angel” he was bodyguard to the prophet Joseph Smith and later to Brigham Young. Porter had a ranch west of Cherry Creek, known as Rockwell’s Ranch. It is from this ranch that we obtained the cabin. Porter was said to have lived in the cabin south of the ranch house hear a big pond and lots of water. During winter, blocks of ice were cut from the pond and stored in an ice house, built with thick walls filled with sawdust for use in the summer months. Porter had a nice orchard and grew cantaloupe and watermelons. Rumor has it that at night he would walk around the cabin and orchard talking to himself. Some say he talked to ‘ghosts’. Orin Porter Rockwell died on June 9, 1878 in Salt Lake City of natural causes and was buried in a Salt Lake City cemetery.

Located at 228 West Main Street in Eureka, Utah