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As manager of Vernal Auto Company, T. G. Alexander was responsible for constructing the Cobble Rock Station, a complement to the company’s new showroom, garage, and automobile storage facility, two doors down South Vernal Avenue. It was situated on this corner of the city’s main intersection.

The drive-in station, which first went by the same name as its parent company, was equipped with every modern convenience its builders could devise. Diagonal driveways ran past gasoline pumps which were fronted by three beautiful cobblestone arches. Air, water, and oil were conveniently available. On the Main Street side of the station, grease and wash racks were built. A tire room, accessory storage, vulcanizing and battery shop were located in the back of the building. Even a lunch counter graced the business. Perhaps the most revolutionary feature in the station, however, was the ladies room, touted as being the only public restroom for women between Salt Lake and Denver.

In the days when providing superior customer service was of upmost importance, station operators also supplied the motoring public with free tourist information and continuously updated road condition reports.

When it opened in April 1926, the Vernal Auto Company service station was declared to be one of the finest in the state. Although there were many changes in subsequent ownership, the Cobble Rock Station, located in the heart of Vernal, attracted residents and travelers alike for over thirty years.

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This marker is located at Cobble Rock Park, which is at 25 South Vernal Avenue in Vernal, Utah.